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Welcome to
"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."
—Thomas Jefferson
We believe the way to accomplish change is though education, education, education.
We need to educate the public, educate the medical community, educate the politicians,
and educate the DEA, ONDCP and the Whitehouse. We welcome all! Our site has been
used and read by health departments, city governments, and legislators at the state
and federal level. We encourage their use and your invitation to them and others.
<<<---- It is difficult to understand and believe Congress
enacted a law requiring a government official to lie
and to ignore science and medical studies.
This renders the Office unreliable and a fraud.

We agree with the Vienna Declaration that
"Drug policy should be based on science, not ideology."

<<<--- Please sign the letter to Congress requesting to
Change the Schedule of Cannabis, Cannabis Laws,
and Drug Czar Laws.
The beginning of understanding cannabis is understanding the endocannabinoid system
Must See : The top doctors and researchers click on more Medicinal Cannabis videos
We are excited by the new Request To Reschedule Cannabis submitted July, 2010
and very pleased to have permission to post it on our website.
A special note to doctors, researchers, and activists :
One of our purposes of the website is to use it as a tool to inform and educate the public,
medical profession, members of congress and others at the state and federal level
including the ONDCP, DEA and FDA.
While that campaign has barely begun we are always gathering everything we feel
could be used as evidence to convince those who can make changes. In essence
if congress were to hold a hearing this website is everything we would present
as evidence in that hearing if ever given the opportunity.
With that in mind, please feel very welcome and appreciated for any information, documents,
videos, news, etc. that you might like to share with us for posting on this site.
We will be more than happy to give you full credit and a noted Thank you!
A note to all :
Please inform your legislators and others what we are doing here
and invite them to make use of this site and find out just what information
and documentation is in fact widely available.
The more requests and invitations they get the better chance
of them accepting the opportunity to review the information.
We Thank you for any and all efforts!

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