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Why Donate to

        Our goal in shaping public policy begins with legalizing medicinal use of cannabis nationwide in the U.S. and to remove the stigma associated with the medicinal use by educating the legislators and the public. Our goal ends with drug policy change worldwide.

We first started by building a website dedicated to the same. Our request to reschedule cannabis  needs the supplemental attachment to be completed, and to be resubmitted to the DEA, FDA, Dept. of Health and Human Services and the Attorney General. We would also like to place a printed copy in the hands of each member of congress. We write letters to the state legislators, along with making comments to educate the public in every news article we can.  In addition we have several blogs in various online newspapers accross the country, all dedicated to the same. 

  Our first legislative focus has been Florida since we are currently a based in the state.  Although we have on many occasions worked to reach many at the federal level.

    The patients that most greatly benefit from medicial use of cannabis are clearly marginalized by society and the legislators. These people are not of good health which leaves them vulnerable to views of intorerance and disrespect those with health challenges should not have to endure. Let alone the fear of fines and imprisonment for choosing a medcine that helps their condition.

   Facts are fact and perception scews the facts. Fact is many people are helped tremendously by cannabis but the perception many have is part of what keeps it illegal, and is borne of propaganda, untruths, and fear. By educating, informing, explaining and demonstrating the health benefits so many receive from cannabis this can be changed. Though many have been working towards this goal we believe we can play an important part. We have the determination, computer skills, and writing ability along with the courage to contact those who can make the difference.

We have certain advantages as individuals that non-profits activist groups do, we can and do lobby the legislators. We are a new fresh voice and have had an impact in changing the views of many so far, both with the public and the legislators.

   We have just begun a series of documentaries that are certain to make an impact.


We have been doing this all at our own expense to date but have reachd a point funding is needed. The staff of ActivistCat is deeply dedicated, intrinsically motivated, spirited, and passionately hard working. We are patients that believe medicinal use of cannabis should be available nationwide, that cannabis should be legal, drug policy should be based on science not ideology, and addiction is a health issue not a criminal issue.

    We ask that you contribute what you can. No contribution is too small, every little bit helps.  We are in need of funds for a computer system, printing costs, mailing costs, and for other forthcoming projects we are about to embark on. We are not looking to profit from our work, we are not doing this for financial gain, but to make a difference. We are working to make changes. We just need help to cover the expenses. 

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We THANK YOU for any and all donations. It will help enable us to accomplish our goals!





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